La armonización de las polaridades

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Durante eones he estado conectada con la humanidad en el amor. Con gusto aprovecho el cambio dimensional como inspiración para explicarles, mis queridos, la situación y los cambios por venir. Para que puedan aceptar e integrar esta ascensión hacia la Quinta Dimensión, así como el manejo de esta energía con elegancia y dignidad. El amor de vuestros hermanos estelares está muy presente aquí en la Tierra. Ellos los apoyan donde pueden y se les permite. Después de todo, ellos también continúan en su espiral evolutiva. Ustedes se  están desarrollando junto a vuestra familia cósmica. Solo junto con los otros portadores de Luz, ustedes podrán ascender en la espiral evolutiva. Nuestros corazones se encuentran en el UNO, para permitir la ascensión llena de Luz de todo nuestro universo. 


Sean conscientes de vuestra responsabilidad por el TODO y continúen junto a la Tierra en su viaje cósmico hacia la Luz. Nuestro amor mutuo nos alimenta y nos inspira en la gloria del UNO. Se anuncia un maravilloso y nuevo ciclo terrestre que llevará a la humanidad a la Edad de Oro. Alabados sean los portadores de Luz que permiten este salto evolutivo para la humanidad. 


Con gran amor y gratitud





The five-dimensional quality of the harmonization of polarities is a novelty for the inhabitants of earth and will cause changes and transformations of your behavior and your societies.


Historical Context

The first humans who populated Lemuria were cosmic beings who wished to bring the devine love to Earth. This process has been going on up until our present times. A great many incarnations and a deep emerge into matter has been required in order to do so. Today's incarnated Lemurians will finally be able to harvest their seeds. The whole spectrum of energies had to be experienced before it became possible to transform into a higher octave of existence. This ascent will be completed by all humans who are willing to take on their responsibility. The new people of Earth will commit to the greater good and therefore contribute to the transformation of humanity and Earth to the 5th dimension.


New Frames of Understanding

Emanations of your sun are bringing you new information that will reprogram and complete your genetic code. A radical change is coming that will allow you to better meet the new circumstances through enhancement of the capabilities of your mind. The quality of the heart will evolve to a higher level and allow you to make positive progress for humanity.


Inner and Outer Changes

The new accelerated energy has to be integrated throughout yourself and your society. This is the only way to make sustainable changes without hardship. From there, the snowball principle will take over. The societies of Earth will renew themselves and the female and the male principle will work together in harmony and creatively solve all coming problems.



The farther away the polarities of the male and the female principle are, the greater is the energetic tension between them. Through the ongoing acceleration of energy, this tension between the polarities will harmonize slowly but surely. Belonging to a gender will no longer matter and models of partnership based on equality will become the norm. A harmonious and pleasurable sexuality is an important tool in maintaining a healthy physiological and psychological balance. It is also important for one's own personal spirituality and can enhance people's awareness. Attraction between genders will always persist. However, the two polarities will not dissolve, rather they will harmonize. The fight of the genders will come to an end.


Intimacy between Genders

With the continuing acceleration of energy, mutual love between sexual partners will become more and more important and even necessary depending on the level of awareness of the involved individuals. Erotic love is helping to integrate love into your body, making it possible for love to venture into every cell, harmonizing and nurturing your body. Awareness of your body is as much a part of yourself as your mind. You are a unit and no single part of you is inferior. You are the product of many incarnations on Earth. You have experienced much joy, but also many hardships. This experience is preserved in your body and with the acceleration of the energy, it becomes free to transform. A large scale healing process is going on inside of you right now. The ability of letting go is the main issue these days. It is necessary in order to be able to advance with personal responsibility, courage, and joy. Humans will develop new partnerships and society will have to change with them. These new partnerships will be based upon mutual love as long as it's sustained. Love and trust is the glue of these new partnerships.


With Courage towards a Higher Vibrational Octave

This new level of consciousness can not be reached with old baggage. These days, all humans are going through learning processes. The responsibility to break free of this old baggage lies within every individual. You are in charge, equipped with your own free will and the power of your consciousness. The new, accelerated energy is helping you to solve your problems like never before. The personal growth you are going through is helping the greater good. If you want peace on Earth, start the process within yourself. 


The War of Wars

The longest war of humanity has been the one between the genders. This fight will slowly come to an end and will be replaced by partnership. The dictate of the moment is the integrated incarnation of every individual and the harmonization of everyone's male and female parts.


The Genetic Code

Through the influence of the accelerated energy, you will overcome old limits of your mind and venture into multidimensional spheres. If you approach a problem from a linear perspective, only linear solutions are apparent. You will overcome this linear thinking and venture into quantal magnitudes. Ratio and heart determine your future activities and social existence. 



Earth is home to an unbelievable amount of abundance. Accelerating energies are penetrating everything and large scale changes are occurring not only within yourself, but also in nature and Earth. The time where your problems could be solved on a national basis are over and global approaches must be taken. You are One humanity on this planet and you are responsible for All-That-Is. The abundance in all it's forms will enrich your life on Earth. You will enjoy this abundance, pass it on, and let it flow. The Earth belongs to all humans. It is the energy of the heart that overcomes all obstacles and connects all beings on the Earth and in the cosmos.



The mentioned changes will liberate your psyche and make your everyday life easier. A holistic liberation of everyone will take place and enhance humans into the next level of existence. Your soul is in a multidimensional space and your mind and body are now moving into a higher dimension as well. Never has it been possible on Earth before to change into a higher dimension with a living body. That is why you should work on this process consciously, bearing in mind the underlying circumstances. Your task for now is only to focus on the stabilization of yourself in the Here and Now. 


A Supreme Millennium

The life in the Here and Now is the quintessence of life. It brings you stability and dissolves anxieties. You will be able to see a broader perspective of things, the veil that has separated you from other dimensions will be lifted. An incredible richness in various fields will be made available to you. Humans will learn to keep their bodies young and healthy and it will bring personal joy and great help for society as a whole. Degenerative illnesses will vanish and genetic ones will be healed. Humans and Earth will be the center of a new era. The misery of the old Earth will be dissolved. You are now developing into a multidimensional being.


Claims to Power

Self-centered claims for power will vanish. The human has now to learn to stay in his responsibility. The human is the sole authority in his own life and will contribute to co-creation. Break free of a narrow mindset and let broader and unlimited possibilities come true.


Claims to Possession

The failures of old economic paradigms will make it clear for you that they are no longer compatible with the new vibrations. New structures are established, adapting to the new humans and the new Earth. Your emotional and rational knowledge will find it's way into new paradigms and take on a holistic form. Also in this aspect of society the quality of the heart shows it's influence. Through the etherealization of matter, terms of ownerships will loosening their meaning, because everything is connected. Which is mine and which is yours will be harmonized. The more ethereal matter becomes, the more limitless it will be.


Tomorrow and the Day after Tomorrow

This accelerated energy is a huge education of your flexibility. As Earth comes closer to the central sun it receives more light through the sun of your solar system. This acceleration of energy is occurring in the whole galactic sector. You should take good care of your body so that it's ready to make the dimensional shift. You determine your own destiny. After the shift into the 5th dimension the energy will continue to accelerate, but not as fast as in the transitional phase. It's a time of integrating and learning the new natural laws.


The Bright Side of Life

Don't forget to live and enjoy your life to the fullest. These aren't hopeless times. On the contrary: polarities will harmonize stepwise and more and more consensus can be found when you face difficulties. This reaching of consensus is a mind-expanding process for all involved parties. Light will shine on darkness and the result is more clarity. Because more light energy will reach Earth, light will shine even into the nuclear level of matter. Matter will become ethereal. A large scale healing process is taking place and your DNA is prepared for the 5th dimension.


The Evolution of New Technologies

Through accelerated vibrations, more and more of your potential is set free. You are about to reinvent your life on Earth. Scientific breakthroughs will influence the life of every human. Transportation systems will revolutionize and new technologies will help to build new societies. Everyday life will be easier for all in the 5th dimension. Not only your ratio, but also your feelings and sensuality will be a part of this.


The Flow of Energy

The more a celestial body is vibrating, the more ethereal becomes it's matter. Earth is undergoing a metamorphosis from which she will be reborn in a new dimension. This means she will be reborn in a lighter density of energy. You humans are spirits, living through matter. You will experience this metamorphosis too. The more light humans integrate into their bodies, the more you will be able to shape it according to your needs.



The challenges you humans are going through these day will lead you to mastership and to an enhanced Adam Kadmon race, to a multidimensional being. Negative excesses of polarity show you that tension will increase until a consensus on a higher level is aspired.



Through your thoughts you can connect simultaneously with other humans, regardless of distance. You will train these telepathic powers so you can use them in case of emergency. Thoughts are a form of energy that materialize and influence your present and future. Simultaneity can only be experienced in the Here and Now. It's a special space where everything is available and where real life takes place.


Sense of Proportion

You will be confronted with insights into new territories and new natural laws, requiring that you undertake new learning processes and adaptations, but it will free you from old, rigid paradigms. The limiting veil that separated you from multidimensional life will lift gradually. Through the harmonization of polarities a great deal of energy is set free. Human societies will be lifted onto a higher evolutionary level, negative variations are no longer possible and everything will take place in a balanced space. 


The Legacy of Love

Our all source is love itself. We are all manifested sparks of love. Our motivation is to direct the love of our Creator into physical manifestations. In our universe we work with the aspect of love we call compassion.


Part of the Whole

We always are part of the whole. It is like a chain: Even the strongest chain breaks if one of the links is weak. The single link can not evolve if it does not include the weaker ones. The whole will be lifted through the learning processes we are now faced with on Earth.


The Ability to Be

In the state of being, humans are aware of the energy that runs through themselves. Polarities are harmonized and humans can look at their problems without judgment. It's a healing process that reaches every cell and every atom. The more light particles that are absorbed by your body, the healthier and more vital you will be and the more ready for the challenges of these times. In the state of being you allow the cosmic energies full entry into your microcosm. It is a symbiosis of body and spirit.


Flashes of Insight

Through the acceleration of the vibrations you will gain new insights and ideas. These insights will change your societies and yourself. These new insights will be discovered globally by human populations and rapid change will follow.


Co-Creation in the New Dimension

The process of the dimensional shift starts within every human being and will shine into it's surroundings. Going alongside with those changes and keeping up is required. The more a human vibrates the more harmonious his needs and wishes will be.


New Earth

Soon Earth will reach the vibrational amplitude needed to make the dimensional shift. Humanity will learn how to play with this higher vibration, to enjoy it's full potential and experience their limitlessness. A new time/space continuum will be revealed. The accelerated vibrations will make your living easier, helping you in your every-day life and in the reaching of your goals. The now incarnated divine soul particles will bring humanity back in the bosom of the cosmic family.


From the Viewpoint of your Cosmic Siblings

This accelerated energy influences the whole solar system which is attracted to the galactic center. The transformational shift of Earth and humanity is known to your cosmic siblings and they help and support you, according to your free will. Every cosmic creature of light has one common characteristic: A loving heart for creation and diversity of it's people. Humanity is taking it's multidimensional heritage and will become consciously part of the cosmic family once again. The isolation of Earth will end through your own cognition. Your cosmic siblings know this process and they will wait to contact you until you have reached stability on the new Earth. Humans will work with elves, devas and gnomes in order to reach a better understanding of Earth. Contact with earth spirits and cosmic siblings will happen non-verbally on the level of the heart.


Measure of All Things

For now, you should set the focus in your life on yourself, your processes and your transformations. The light particles that are integrated now by your body work like centrifuges. They dissolve negative habits and bring them to the surface in order to be worked on. The whole matter will become ethereal. My advise to you in this chaotic times is to take enough breaks in order to integrate this accelerated energy into your body. The search for answers within and not outside of you is your great challenge. The measure of all things is the love you have for yourself and All-That-Is.


Missions on Earth for Currently Incarnated Souls

For many souls, the motivation for the current incarnation is to help Earth and it's inhabitants with their development towards light and to root divine love on the planet. You came as starseeds and it will be your choice whether to incarnate again on Earth after successful mission or if you want to go back to your cosmic origin. You are the pioneers of this generation, their pillars and their models. 


The Way Out

Some souls came only to experience these transitional times and help in co-creation. Some souls will prefer to take on other challenges. The way towards other learning processes and realities is only a change into another cosmic school and playground. The many life cycles you spend on a specific planet shapes your DNA, behavior, and looks. You then integrate these qualities on other celestial bodies you live on.


Essence of Love

Divine love radiates through the whole micro- and macrocosm. It is the force that holds nuclear structures together. It is the gravitation field of creation. Matter consists of pure divine life energy. It is the physical manifestation of our Creator. The essence of love is building a spiral of light towards the divine. Love is the basic element of creation. The flow of love is the essence of life.


Cosmic Knowledge

Diverse cosmic siblings brought cosmic information to help with the founding of new civilizations. On holy places throughout all continents this cosmic knowledge can be found, for example in  pyramids and temples. These holy places open your own inner stargates, your DNA, and give you access to your cosmic heritage. A human with open stargates automatically opens the stargates in people surrounding him. All cosmic experiences are stored in your DNA. Now you have access to this knowledge. The contact with other star civilizations will happen within yourselves through the awakening of your multidimensional DNA. The times of the gods coming from outside yourselves is over. Physical, psychic, and spiritual laws of life are everywhere the same. This triangle is the basis of matter. The whole creation is based upon this triangulation.


The New Era

Through harmonization of polarities a great deal of energy is released that can be used to shape the new Earth. A new freedom will be gained. The forces that are necessary to reach a goal have to be realigned. Your new projects will advance quickly and in the beginning it may even look like magic. Before this happens, the tensions in polarities will increase. This will be a real test that challenges humanity. The new humans will integrate into a new society from their inside. Energy of the heart will be the foundation of the new Earth.



The will of  many humans to create a peaceful planet often failed because of strong polar energies. Making conclusions out of past happenings will become more and more difficult because you are moving in a new frequency which you have not yet gained experience you can rely upon. New paradigms will be accessible which you can not explain by your old memories. The dedication towards the new accelerated energies will be the turning point to begin acting and thinking in different ways. Life is happening only in the Here and Now and only there you can be happy and content. Past and the Future are experienced in the now.


End and Beginning

The solar system as a whole will be exposed to the energies of the galactic center. The end is characterized by letting go and retreat into emptiness. This new area can not be compared with anything you know, you will have to sense and experience it - integrating all your senses. 



There will be a healing of personal needs and the needs of the Earth. All the consequences of your actions are connected with the whole. The natural laws of the 5th dimension have a superordinate  perspective. They serve the light and love and therefore have a wider effectiveness and larger consequences. Through the harmonization of polarities there will no longer be any excessiveness. Polarities will be harmonized, not abolished. Excesses belonging to the strongest tensions will be dissolved. Deep within your heart there is a vibration that becomes balanced when you become calm and quiet. Cosmic vibrations of the galactic center are received first by your heart and transfer to the rest of your body from there. 


The Purpose of Being

The purpose of your whole incarnation in cosmic space serves our source of which we are all part of. Every cycle of experience helps and figuratively speaking, the soul is polished in all it's facets until this diamond retreats to unity. The more soul particles are integrated, the more fulfilled your life cycle will be.


Freedom of Thought

Through the accelerated vibration and the development of your DNA, unusual flashes of thought will happen more often. They will teach you to overcome your boundaries and let your thoughts take on a broader perspective. You will attract multidimensional knowledge that you will process mentally and emotionally. Cosmic information and non-verbal information of fellow human beings can reach you more easily these days.


The "Golden Age" or the Rediscovered Paradise

The long span of time in a very dense energy, paired with great polar tension, is dissolving step by step. This transitional phase will guide you to the ascension to the next octave of existence. New learning experiences of 5th-dimensional quality will start to reach you. Everything what you need to know can be found within you and will develop according to your integrated vibrational amplitude. Through acceleration of light on Earth, matter will start radiating. Humans too, will radiate and overcome the separation with All-That-Is.


The Heart

The human heart is connected to the pulsations of mother Earth which is connected with the cosmic pulsations. The quality of love is assigned to the heart. Love is the energy that enables the interplay of creation. Energy of the heart is the energy that connects you with All-That-Is. It is the basis of your future. Your thymus will start working according to it's intended purpose and support you in the process of co-creation.


Flowing with the Current

The energy that currently reaches Earth is an evolutionary push that influences Earth and it's humans. A whole new set of possibilities is presented to you. Look forward to erase boundaries and try new things. Flow with all your senses on this new energy wave and be conscious of your journey you make with mother Earth. Stability is very much desired in such times. You find it only within yourself. You are responsible for yourself and the whole. There are no chosen ones, everybody chooses his own individual path.


The New Diversity

The new vibrational frequency will allow you to sense new colors and sounds soon. You will realize more and more that your intuitions are hints of a superordinate reality with a holistic perspective. Your range of possibilities expands exponentially and will allow you to venture into new territories. Human cohabitation, technologies, and science are the profiteers of this awakening. Through realization of integrated projects you will become divine creators of your reality. All living beings on Earth are living in symbiotic relationship with her and have a special task for the whole. Some will leave Earth and other species will evolve. Humans, fauna, and flora are living beings and therefore affected by those adaptations.



After a long period of darkness, Earth experiences a new dawn. A new chapter of evolutionary history will be written, the multidimensional strings of your DNA are starting to play a new melody. The high frequency of light transforms your body, it becomes a cosmic vessel, a stargate. Health services will deal with healthy humans and strengthen their immune systems. Your responsibility towards the whole will determine all your thoughts and actions. The solar mastery that the Earth and it's inhabitants are striving for will birth them into a new level of existence. This process of rebirth is happening within every human and only then will it show on the outside. Evolution of humanity will walk the path of light again. It is the initiation of you into adulthood, a higher Adam Kadmon race, a cosmic co-creator.


Emanations of the Sun and All-That-Is

Your sun is nurtured by other cosmic light carriers and transfers that information onwards to its planets. No atom is left out and no area forgotten. Your action on a specific level has a reaction reaching deep into the cosmic space. Since the reactions to your actions are affecting the whole, you have to take responsibility for the whole. Every atom has its part in the acceleration of the frequency of vibrations. Every atom contains the spark of our divine Creator. It is a spiritualization of All-That-Is. The dealing with high vibrating matter will inspire your creativity. Old structures of thinking will fall apart, because they will lack their foundation. As an awakened humanity you are part of the galactic confederation and determine it's fate together with your star siblings. Your precious experience will enrich the federation and your mastership will reach deep within the cosmic space.