Paulette Marie Reymond


»I want  to support Earth and her people in this time of ascension to a new octave of being.«

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With the utmost joy and enthusiasm, my population of the Agarthans of Inner Earth has now decided to contact the civilisations of Outer Earth, to let you comprehend an entirely new aspect of your home planet, Earth, and to give us an opportunity to introduce ourselves. The millennia of separation from our co-inhabitants on Earth is finally dispelled. The new, high five‑dimensional energy now makes this merger possible. As one unified population of Earth, we will be able to embrace our cosmic family of Light together and to join the cosmic councils.

The time has come to get to know each other and to guide the fate of our dear Mother Earth together. We are all ONE, residents of Earth, Terra, or Gaia. Together with her, we will continue on our cosmic journey of Light. May our presence give you joy, and may it let you see Terra with new eyes.

It is with great yearning that we are expecting the reunification of our Brothers and Sisters of Outer Earth.


Your brother, Rodon of Agartha

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I have been connected to mankind in love for eons. I gladly take the dimensional change as an inspiration to explain the situation or the upcoming changes to you, my dear people, in order to let you accept and integrate this ascension into the Fifth Dimension and handle this new energy with elegance and dignity. The love of your star siblings is very present here on Earth. They support you where they can and are permitted to. After all, they, too, continually progress on their own evolutionary spirals. You are developing together with your cosmic family. Only together with the other carriers of Light will you be able to ascend on the evolutionary spiral. Our hearts meet in the ONE, to permit Light-filled ascension of our entire universe.

Be aware of your responsibility for the whole and continue with Earth on your cosmic journey into Light. Our mutual love nurtures and invigorates us for the glory of the ONE. A wonderful new Earthly cycle is about to commence. It will guide humans into the Golden Era. Praised be the carriers of Light that permit this evolutionary leap for humans.

In deepest gratitude and love,


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I, Ashtar Sheran, have been closely connected to the cosmos in love since its very beginning. It is my task to give Light its place, and to guide and support Earth and her people into this ascension into the Fifth Dimension. Mankind is now ready for this evolutionary leap and to take responsibility for their future. We are all connected in the ONE and welcome the residents of Earth in the galactic family.

In this book, I would like to provide some information that will help you leave behind your island existence and contact your star siblings. Break through your limitations and accept your multi-dimensional heritage! We are all connected to, and interwoven with, each other. We are creating the new Heaven and the new Earth together. Your divine nature will enter even your smallest atom and imbue you with new strength.

Love is the quintessence of all of creation. Without love, the cosmos would dissolve!


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Earth and her humans are about to complete a dimensional change. This is why the time in which we are now living on Earth is rich in transformation. The Sirians want to help us humans during this important time of transition. We are equal space siblings. With their brief statements, they aim to specifically reach people who do not have the time to deal more intensely with the subject of dimensional change. These are instructions for a time of pervasive changes.

We all contribute in the Light of the ONE. We are all connected to each other. Love will keep us together forever.