»I want to support Earth and her people in this time of ascension to a new octave of being.«

Paulette Marie Reymond



Paulette Marie Reymond was born in Francophone Switzerland and grew up near the language border to German speaking Switzerland. She has been sensitive since her childhood. She completed her business management certificate (Handelsdiplom) and then spent time in Spain and England to improve her language skills. After several years in her profession, she started a family and had two wonderful daughters. While travelling to California on holiday, she was in downtown San Francisco during the 1989 earthquake. Shocked, she asked Mother Earth why she had to make such an experience. She was told she had to use her inner knowledge. That was when she set out on her path to know her inner self. A few weeks later, she started attending seminars to get to know herself better. Over many years, these conscience expanding further training, such as alpha training, channelling and, finally, astrology, were a constant companion in her life. These seminars brought her back into the USA, to New Mexico and Arizona.

After separating from her husband, she returned to her career. Half a year after her separation, St. Germain asked her if she wanted to write. Of course she said yes. He gave her a two week strict intensive course in preparation for automatic writing. Sekhmet, her spiritual mother, informed her that she would write biochemical formulas: a new technology – for the interaction of DNA with Light, colour and sound. The formulas were written in a script unknown on Earth – Sirian. Thousands of pages are now waiting for a sensitive scientist who will be able to translate and implement them, maybe with her help. 

For several years, she had a body work practice where she used her mediality to help clients dissolve traumas from other lives that affected their current ones by activating the DNA in their bodies.

In 2006, Ashtar Sheran asked her if she wanted to write for the Sirians. He, too, wanted to pass on messages to mankind through her. Mother Sekhmet was the next one trying to reach humanity through her with the subject of harmonisation of the polarities. Mother Earth and St. Germain introduced her to Rodon of Agartha, who would like to present himself and his people to mankind in his book.


These messages can be found in the following books:


Her books were published in three languages in a completely revised new edition in the period of 2018 to 2020.


Her contact with the spiritual world and the star siblings accompanies her through her life. She was asked several times to embark on extended journeys to places of power, e.g. to Egypt, Nepal, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru.

She wants to support Earth and her people in this time of ascension into a new octave of existence.