Reunification of the Populations of  Inner and Outer Earth

Rodon of Agartha Speaks to the Humans of Outer Earth

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With the utmost joy and enthusiasm, my population of the Agarthans of Inner Earth has now decided to contact the civilisations of Outer Earth, to let you comprehend an entirely new aspect of your home planet, Earth, and to give us an opportunity to introduce ourselves. The millennia of separation from our co-inhabitants on Earth is finally dispelled. The new, high five‑dimensional energy now makes this merger possible. As one unified population of Earth, we will be able to embrace our cosmic family of Light together and to join the cosmic councils.

The time has come to get to know each other and to guide the fate of our dear Mother Earth together. We are all ONE, residents of Earth, Terra, or Gaia. Together with her, we will continue on our cosmic journey of Light. May our presence give you joy, and may it let you see Terra with new eyes.

It is with great yearning that we are expecting the reunification of our Brothers and Sisters of Outer Earth.


Your brother, Rodon of Agartha



A description of the first telepathic contact with Rodon of Agartha in the Swiss Alps and the invitation of St. Germain to meet with Rodon in a wooded area at night time. Our meeting and his request to write a book about his population and to introduce the Agarthans to Outer Earth. My own preparations for this work.



Rodon of Agartha introduces himself 

Rodon is the ambassador of his people. He acts in their spirit, always having a strong connection with his brothers and sisters. The community of Agartha has profoundly integrated the fifth dimension. Now - after our ascent - they want to connect themselves with the population of Outer Earth in order to master the terrestrial and cosmic fortune of Earth together.



Since aeons, the population of Agartha is living in Earth`s inner realm. The evolutionary leap of Earth demands that all populations of her come together. This means that not only the populations of Outer Earth have to come together, but also the populations of Earth's inner and outer realms. We all take this journey of Terra towards the light together. Present revelations will show you that Earth is more than just a plane travelling-through space. The Earth and her solar system is not stationarily bound to a specific region in cosmos, but is drifting more and more into light with her solar family - from one energy density to the next lighter one. Therefore, the populations of Earth are subjected to a continuous evolution.



The life-threatening circumstances during the sinking of the continents Mu and Lemuria forced the populations of Agartha into the inner realms of Earth. We did so in order to keep our high spiritual energy density and to avoid a cycle of lower density on Outer Earth. Until now, the different vibrational densities of our living areas have prevented a reunification. But soon the vibrational densities of the populations of Inner and Outer Earth will become compatible. We will be able to embrace each other with open arms as soon as humanity has transformed from a carbon-based to a crystalline-based form again.



Bright Insights 

Current times are shaped by intense changes, on your private, social and terrestrial levels. We too have evolved evolutionarily since we are all connected to our multidimensional heritage. We also have been connected to our bright cosmic neighbors for a long time. But only as a one unified Earth population we can deliberately be part of creating our cosmic fate. The better you integrate the current light process, the more you will gain insight in our territories without damaging your body's constitution. For your own protection, we only will accommodate visitors who can handle our vibrational frequency. A wide range of mutual experiences will shape our future. Light and love are our mutual foundations and our future.


The Establishment of Light on Earth 

Through the journey of our solar system from darkness to light, Earth is once again nurtured by incredibly bright radiation from space. This light process is now changing your private, social and terrestrial life drastically and will lead you into the fifth dimension - let's say through a fifth-dimensional gate. Light impulses will continue to affect Earth with this strong amplitude for quite a while in order to implement them. Therefore, you are at the beginning of a new dimensional level which will continue to evolve during the next centuries. The third and fourth-dimensional gap between polarities will harmonize and bring you the peace and prosperity you wish for. Dimensional shifts are always incredible profound processes in matter and Psyche and have to occur gradually with the needed calm and serenity. The key changes of these transitional times will take place in a time range of roughly fifty years. Light impulses from space include now fifth dimensional qualities that widen your perception of colors and sounds among other things. Matter will etheralize gradually. This will help you to implement your powers of co-creation. All our communication is taking place on the heart level. It is the foundation and the means of existence in the fifth dimension, its basic component. This light process is activating your DNA and will build your light body which is your own individual vehicle and your personal light passport.



Dissolving Negative Influences 

Through advancement of the harmonization of polarities, you will soon be freed from strong negative influences. Polarities will remain polar, but in a harmonized form. This incredible change will give you security and stabilize societies. The light process starts within every individual's self and then changes the structures of your societies. Self-responsibility is a law of the fifth dimension and the foundation of new societies. You will leave your fears, nightmares and negative influences behind. This separation is irreversible, you will be reborn as a multidimensional human and change the fate of your societies to the core. Because of the love for All-That-Is that will enter your advisory councils and bring entirely new structures in your political and economic systems. Your Higher Self is merging more and more with yourself and its radiation will penetrate your body. The veil of separation is dissolving.



Red Crossings 

Earth has grid lines of force like your organism which nurture and strengthen the whole system. Those lines of force don't exist only on the surface of Earth, there are some that cross the Earth center or only one hemisphere. You already know a lot about those lines, as they have been worshiped by your cultures from ancient times and have been used as places of power for your ceremonies. There you find magic like memorials, pyramids, cathedrals etc. Those lines of force are like Earth's pipelines. She uses them to nurture and energize her surface. When those lines meet - at their crossings - several of their qualities come together and create a very powerful field. Those lines of force are assigned to various colors, depending on their energy quality. If two red lines of force are crossing, they potentiate this energy. This energy radiates into all directions, to Earth's inside and into the cosmos. According to this radiation our stellar neighbors can see how Earth is doing and help in case of emergency. The smooth journey of celestial bodies is of immanent importance to the whole. With your diverse nuclear explosions you threw Gaia out of balance. Coming generations will realize this. The magnetic resonance had to find new ways. Climate changes at the North- and South pole are a direct consequence of those nuclear interventions. Red crossings are places of love, connected with a strong impulse.




In order to be able to go through the fifth dimensional gate, you need to be willing to transform old, limiting structures. This is necessary to face the new, the unknown and the numinous. Your task now is to gain stability with a deep love for yourself. Love is the quintessence for your coming evolution. The high cosmic energy will lead you to your goal. Your participation means the acceptance of this transformative  process and the personal stabilization and integration of this high-quality light energy. The life processes you have been going through will free you and bring you a step further on the ascension ladder.



From the Inside to the Outside 

Our light process established light on Earth. The deeper Outer Earth dived into polarities, the stronger were our efforts to stabilize light on Earth. Now the light is getting through the surface and will merge with your light process. Every atom will be accelerated with this energy. Matter will etherealize and show five-dimensional qualities. Etherealized matter can be modeled with mental power, but it can also be shifted. Fifth-dimensional vibration will be integrated on Earth gradually. This new energy gives you wings and old limitations will be removed. Your creativity and your innovation become limitless. Your societies will be reformed fundamentally for the good of all humans and Earth. Earth herself will change. It is an integrated process that affects the whole planet. Like the cosmic family, we too are making efforts to support the light process of the humans of Outer Earth for the good of the whole. The inner fire of every individual starts this new wave. A birth into a fifth-dimensional Earth with access to multidimensionality. The energy we are sending to the surface couples with the cosmic energy that hits Earth. This energetic fusion is supporting you in your light process and gives you the needed earthing. As soon as the vibrational amplitudes are compatible, we will open our gates. Soon the gates will be activated and ready for the opening.



Excesses Inside and Outside 

The exploitation of resources continues and soon a collapse will be inevitable. Your fifth-dimensional future will not allow any more devastation of Earth. Activate your technological potentials and invest them in new, integrating energy sources. Gaia will help you, she has a soul too and is a divine being. You will accomplish incredible advances in technologies and also mentally. The heart energy will be the foundation of all your duties, may those be in private life or at work. Your rationale will unify with your heart. All populations of Earth will be integrated in the New Earth, continuing their ancestral traditions of light and enter the cosmic realms together.


Earth – Gaia – Terra

What a blessing to be incarnated on such a beautiful celestial body and being able to experience and co-create the ongoing evolutionary shift. We are co-creators of our reality, divine sparks in action. We create the New Earth. We grow together with Earth into this new multidimensional era and therefore are faced with the according adjustments. Earth herself is a sphere, but inside of her are various Earths that are merged. Through this merging huge hollow spaces have been formed. We have a light source, similar to your sun. We don't know night time, because our light source is constant. Our bodies are regenerating themselves in a very short time. We live in a timeless Here and Now. Our time system is determined by the different generations. We have beautiful landscapes and you would call our climate tropical. Through the quality of our waters, our skin is of a shimmering light blue-green color. Our race is similar to the indigenous people from Hawaii or the Maori people. We are very healthy people, we don't know any bacterial or viral illnesses. Our bodies are not as dense as yours. The same way you can travel into cosmos with your light body, you can travel into the Inner Earth. Allow new ways of thinking. You will experience them not only in the encounter with Inner Earth but in every part of your life, socially as well as scientifically. We  already are your future. At the time, we are the guardians of New Earth. We keep the space free energetically for your adjustments and transformations.



The ongoing light process will bring you back to humaneness, to a higher perspective of human cohabitation and of Earth. Feasibility becomes less limited, you don't have to fear excesses. You all will awake tools of multidimensionality in yourself and be able to use your full potential. Think and create with your own heart, because it includes the care for the well-being of the whole. You are the conscious co-creators of New Earth. Don't forget the fun and the joy, because they are necessary in order to integrate the fast light particles. The heart level is the foundation of your new undertakings. Explore your inner realm and you will find inner treasures. The cosmic love energy is the essence of all life. You find your stability in the calm and tranquility in connection with Earth. It is your responsibility to integrate as many light particles in yourself as you can. In doing so you are an important part in this important evolutionary step. These times request a lot of flexibility and improvisation, since new structures have to be created and adjusted continuously. You are the master of your path and only you can do this initiation for yourself. Humans of Outer Earth grow up and stand in their full responsibility.



The Path of Light 

Light dispels darkness, clarity begins to spread as well in private matters as in global matters. New structures cannot be build on a fragile ground. The new multidimensional age has an endless perspective where nothing can be kept secret. Openness and transparency are requested in all your undertakings. Your hearts will absorb the light and radiate it from your bodies like suns. Old laws who are based on a loveless foundation will be dissolved. Your whole light potential can now be used, as it's saved in your DNA. Human love potential is universal and will break through every societal barrier. You will change from heart to heart because every individual is transforming itself first. Every human is in his or her responsibility and every human is connected with All-That-Is. The union of the inhabitants of Inner and Outer Earth and star siblings is our natural future. The path of light is our future. Excitement, merriment and joy are your companions, the way of light is connected with abundance and joy. Enjoy it to the fullest, there is enough energy for everyone. The more light particles are integrated in humans and matter, the more we continue our way into light together.



The tangibility lies in the energies which are poured on Earth these days. This energy changes your societal structures in every area and turns your inside up to the outside. Earth as a whole enters the fifth dimension. This level of existence has nothing in common with the Old Earth. It is the gate to higher dimensions, to the multidimensional realm which is present in the whole cosmos. Love for yourself and for the whole will be the stable foundation in this turbulent times. This is the most creative and informative time in human history. Human societies will reform themselves from the inside because outside authorities will no longer be accepted. What is tangible lies within yourself and in your surroundings. Everyone is his or her own master and is initiated by him or herself. The new Earth is tangible, you can already see it! This expansion in multidimensional spaces has to be experienced with all your senses.


Of the Endless Expanse of the Human Consciousness 

Your consciousness was bound to a third and fourth-dimensional level of existence. Only with long practice and with certain drugs it was possible to experience the expansion of your consciousness. With the energetic lift of Earth the gates to the endless expanse of your consciousness will open. The exploration of spiritual realms has to be prepared carefully and needs a good bonding to Mother Earth. The lifting into a higher dimensional octave affects every atom. Your soul self unifies with your body, the separation is over. Access to the endless cosmic spaces will dissolve many of your limiting paradigms. You will be confronted with the cosmic love and compassion for all creation. Your societies will adapt to the cosmic civilizations. You will experience an incredible evolutionary push in every area of your life. Your spiritual development is the foundation of your new societies. Religions will be reduced to love and shift to a cosmic approach. Outer authorities will no longer be welcome. The global citizen of Earth is not uniform but keeps its typical, traditional attributes. This is the wealth of humanity. The cosmic love is the connection of all hearts. She is the divine nutriment that enables the coexistence and shows us a common path. A life without love is just a survival and has no perspectives for the future.



The Implementation of Your Wishes 

Through the energetic acceleration of Earth and its inhabitants, your thoughts will manifest much faster than before. This requires a responsible control over your thoughts and wishes. Your are divine co-creators and this is why you can pool your ideas and wishes in order to manifest them. This process requires an emotional involvement because your creations are holistic. In the new era the good of the whole is the primary focus. You should discipline your thoughts and not let them roam freely without conscious control. You are the captain of your personality and your life and bear the whole responsibility for yourself. Genuine aware ways of life need a clear insight in yourself. The journey to yourself is the most thrilling adventure of your life. Lots of new, innovative ideas and wishes will reach you through the high energy. Dependencies of all sorts are no longer compatible with this new energy.



Purposeful Actions 

The change of humanity in an adult state now requires a conscious dealing with yourself and how you affect your society. Every human knows his/her value and will be treated with respect. Class- and race distinctions will no longer exist. Purposeful action is the merging of your creative ideas into a possible goal. All your senses will be needed in order to gain the biggest possible benefit from the available abundance. Traditions will be adapted to the high energy and put the individual human in the center. Humans will learn to deal with Earth based on partnership for the greater good, meaning also for the greater good of the cosmos. The happenings on Earth are on a cosmic scale. We are all connected and make this big step together on our way into light. The time of darkness is over. The well-being of Earth is existential for all of us and the only possible way into our future.



Eyes of a Seer 

Our eyes are an exceptional gift of our creator. Through our senses they gain the remarkable ability of an integrated view on things. With your third eye you can sense the depths of yourself and your surroundings. It's like being able to see through a veil. Through the high energy the scales will fall from your eyes and bring you a new understanding of reality, an integrated view. A seer sees with all his organs and senses and is guided by the energy of the heart. You will awake from your own depths to a fifth dimensional Earth citizen and will influence your surroundings accordingly. Deeply rooted in the Here and Now you will make this quantum leap together with Earth and enjoy it.



Agartha, a Supreme Land 

The people of Agartha have evolved in a different way. We avoided the deep immersion into matter with its polarities and kept our evolutionary path in the fifth dimension with its multidimensional aspects. We are in polarities too, but they are harmonized. Therefore, we are peaceful people and don't know illnesses or social injustices. Every Agarthan is in his full responsibility. The spaces and tunnel systems we live in are multidimensional. The contact with people of Inner Earth will strengthen your self-confidence in love. All Agarthans are fully committed to love and Earth. You will adjust to our level of consciousness in big steps. We all are star seeds which have evolved here on Earth. We try to send you fifth-dimensional energy to support you from the inside of our planet as good as we can. Your bodies are charged with earthy and cosmic energy. Those energies will have transformatory power and will adjust your bodies to make them compatible with the multidimensional requirements and give you new tools. One of these tools is the adjustment and addition of your DNA. The population of Agartha lives in agrarian communities. We don't know huge urban agglomerations. We are all connected with each other through telepathic skills, like your internet but without the technical electronics. We too have an economic system which helps to exchange goods and services. For this, we also have a sort of currency but it's not comparable with the currencies of Outer Earth. It's just a means of exchange. What we call wealth is our inner fulfillment and love towards creation, because we hardly know any material needs. We learned to materialize our wishes and submit them to the greater good. We act as a community, as a We. We are sensitive and sensual people. We love all sorts of art and creative expressions and take our lives with a sense of humor. We are freed from existential pressure and can enjoy creation to its fullest. We too have evolved through the millenniums and are in constant contact with the cosmic light families. We developed the necessary tools, spiritually and materially. We also are in contact with the representatives of the spiritual hierarchies of Earth and the councils of our neighbor planets. Our multidimensional orientation enables us to travel into our solar system and other areas of our universe which lie further away. We are a lightful community with a cosmic orientation.



Diverse Intentions 

Through the dissolving of old, societal structures, caused by the new handling of matter and your own liberation, diverse and long-term models and projects are born. Those will support the reborn human better and bring him/her more joy of living. The feelings you'll experience through your liberation will motivate you to move the last mountains which are no longer belonging to your new state of being. Humanity as a whole is one and faces the same evolutionary process. The resulting responsibility is the basic foundation. A self-responsible human being can no longer be manipulated, may that be in a societal, political or religious way. Revolutions, reformations and changes will shake societies and help to build a new, common way of cohabitation. Human will no longer be the master of Earth but her cohabitant. Heart energy will be the basis of this new era, in all human issues and beyond. The more you offer your treasures freely, the more this flow of energy will radiate in all directions. We are all profiteers of the divine creation and we improve it as good as we can. Matter is condensed love energy which does not know an energetic separation. A new aspect of love will be made visible to humanity that bursts the limits of the known. The integration of cosmic, unconditional love will fill your state of being, tranquility and stability are its effects. A net of conscious humans will be the pillars of your communities. Conscious communities will understand the geophysics adaptations of Mother Earth and be able to protect themselves. They will sense the omens and warning signals. There isn't a thing more relative than time. We from Agartha live almost timeless in a generation continuum. Our cosmic friends have their own time matrix, depending on their home planet. You are not the victims of your time. Time is just a raster, a help in societal structures. Build yourself soothing time islands where you can relax your soul. The high energy will promote the timeless state of being, as it's multidimensional.



Effects on Earth and Her Inhabitants 

The accelerated cosmic vibration touches every human. The integration of it depends upon every human itself, because you live under the law of free will. But it will be difficult to refuse an integration of this strongly accelerated vibration. The resulting incompatibility will result in restlessness and have destructive effects which will be a challenge for humanity. The better you integrate the fast vibrations, the better you can use your new tools – your enhanced DNA with multidimensional characteristics and the resulting sensitivity. Every human being has to decide for him- or herself if he or she wants to make this evolutionary step or not. Like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, in some years you will be amazed how you transformed into a cosmic citizen in such a short time. Evolution cannot be prevented, only delayed. You live through the most intense and interesting time that has ever occurred on Earth. Every human being has a huge potential in talents that he/she has acquired in all terrestrial and cosmic incarnations. Those are available to you now. The separation of your diverse life cycles is over, everything is present in the Here-And-Now. Brother- and Sisterhood has to be experienced first on Earth before you connect yourself with the cosmic and inner terrestrial spaces.




The density of your bodily energy is refining, meaning you sense your surroundings more and more through your bodily structure. Your limits are softening and you will connect yourself more and more with All-That-Is. As we from Agartha are closely connected to you, you will connect yourself with your fellow humans. A feeling of unity will overcome the human family, despite different traditions and races. The human being will be the center, no matter what gender, age or income he or she has. The harmonization of polarities will change your economical, political and religious life fundamentally. Excesses will belong to the past. Your focus will be the human, his/her community and the peaceful cohabitation of all different civilizations of Earth. A wide range of innovative and sustainable products will be made available to humans. We are all in the same boat and we only have this one to survive. Humanity will have to come closer together in order to grant every human its own right to life here on Earth. This will require an opening of hearts and compassion for the sorrows and pains of your neighbor. You are spirit in matter. First you will explore your body and your surrounding matter. The matter is dense love energy which is now etherealizing and explored and modeled with your mind. Everything is interwoven with each other. The divine is present everywhere, in every atom. The distinctive sign of your new level of consciousness is the abolishment of the feeling of separation of All-That-Is. The time of gurus and potentates in all areas is now definitively ending. The paradise code lies within everyone and its awakening from hibernation now. Now is the beginning of a new world cycle.



No Compromises 

The high energy that is flooding Earth is changing humans, their societies and the planet itself. To fight this strong energy does not have any sense of reality. This evolutionary push does not make compromises as it has a super ordination cosmic goal, including all cosmic families and celestial bodies. It is a matter of perspective whether you transform from the role of a victim into the role of a cosmic co-creator. The accelerated vibration is changing your body and psyche, but the freeing from old baggage is every human's own responsibility as you change into an adult state with according responsibility. You cannot cheat your way into a new level of existence, you have to go your own way – without any compromises. The responsibility over your thoughts is an important task. Five-dimensional vibration only allows projects which have the greater good in mind. Country- and continental borders will diminish. Your communities will renew themselves from the inside. This is the precondition for a true democratic cohabitation on Earth. Also old democracies will renew themselves. Political party-based systems will lose their power. Specialists of all kinds will care for the needs of your community and offer their knowledge and skills. Scientific insights will make an incredible progress as they are confronted with multidimensional conditions. The new Earth cycle will have access to a bigger range of sounds and colors, unlimited perspectives and etherealized matter. 

These non-negotiable circumstances are a cut from old conditions and help the birth of innovative, new life paradigms. Everywhere on Earth, woman will extend their responsibility to communities and countries. Tensions and oppression no longer belong to the new density of vibration, corresponding traditions and rituals' dissolve. Love is your future and your raison d'être here on Terra. The love that connects us will open the gates to Agartha and finally reunite the loving Earth family.



The high energy that reaches our planet will bring all needed supplies along to our celestial body and its inhabitants to enable us to access the five- and multidimensional levels. First, there is the higher light quality consisting of cosmic information, and then there are the qualities that are accessible with your eyes such as colors or ethereal forms. Meaning you will meet ethereal beings belonging to Earth as well as you will be able to see energy patterns and energetic emanations of Terra. Matter will change from “dead” matter to an animated, spiritual partner. A great new reality will be revealed, life on Earth is much more multilayered than you might have expected.

Earth accommodates a lot of inhabitants in different dimensional levels and timelines that are now revealed to you. Unconditional love is the foundation, the staple, the existential matrix of all terrestrial life. Your heart quality will shine through all your relationships and projects and make the desired Garden of Eden on Earth. The ethereal beings of Earth will help to nurture and protect your communities and participate in the building of the New Earth, because love and compassion are their existential qualities. The solar aspect of humans comes to the fore and will melt negativity. In order to get to know Earth better, you need love and all your senses. You will learn to live with Earth and not against her, even if this means consequences for your daily living. If Earth is well, humans are well too. Gaia is one of the most beautiful planets of our solar systems, it's our home. Your bodies are now ready to include their divinity! The fifth-dimensional level is the gate to multidimensionality, to an unlimited cosmic space and all its civilizations. With or without your bodies the gates to the multiverse are now open. The love amplitude of humans will make it possible for stellar light societies to bring us new technologies. Also the sealed gates of Agartha will open and the unification of all populations will become reality.



Effects of Interstellar Communication 

Through the current increase of vibrational frequency Terra is leaving her energy density and develops further on a higher level of existence. She gets this energy surge from the galactic center and the Earth orbit around our central sun that puts her more into the center. The closer a celestial body is to the center the higher is its vibration. Our whole solar system is about to make this evolutionary leap and therefore has to adapt. This etherealization includes the celestial body as a whole and does not just have effects on the surface. For the humans of Outer Earth this adaption is a quantum leap. In the process of ascension of our solar system our sun is taking the lead. It informs us through its radiation. The sun itself is nurtured and informed by our central sun and the galactic center. An enormous interaction of stellar communication connects the celestial bodies with each other. This is how they are guided on their evolutionary path. This interstellar communication includes all sorts of radiation, gravitational forces and according resonances. Everything is divinely orchestrated and falls into place in an universal love matrix. An orbit around our central sun takes around 26'000 years. We begin a new so called world year as we get closer to our central sun. This perspective shows you that cosmic progresses cannot be stopped. Everyone has the choice to make this path with Terra. You will feel your own divinity more and more as the veil of separation is lifting. The linear thinking is now enhanced by a multidimensional view. The micro- and macrocosmos are now accessible to you. The infinity of cosmos will become possible to experience. This is a multidimensional statement. Let yourself be surprised.



The Last Piece of the Puzzle 

Terra is a divine being that follows her divine purpose alongside with the other planets in our solar system. The last piece of the puzzle is the current extreme acceleration of energy. This gives her the necessary push to position herself in galactic regions with a higher vibration. We – all the inhabitants of Earth – adapt to this high energy and try to take the path into light with her. Our all journey into light has immediate consequences for our personal everyday life and on a global scale. We can make this evolutionary progress only together with Mother Earth, this is a magnificent cosmic gift. The things every human does for him- or herself, he or she does it for the whole. The heart energy is your future, it will make future reunification with the population of Agartha and with the cosmic light families possible, it will bring world peace into the hearts of humans. It will accomplish that claims for power will no longer find a base and that humans can evolve freely. Your civilization is only as strong as its weakest members! You grow into a quantum structure, you transform into multidimensional beings. Every human deals with his or her own cosmic potential. A huge abundance of talents and ideas will be made available to the humans of Outer Earth. Your imagination becomes limitless. Everything is ready in the Here and Now and waits to be discovered by you. Another piece of the puzzle is your consciousness that bursts all limits. We from Agartha stayed in the high five-dimensional vibration level and kept an energetic balance in dark times - for all populations and for Mother Earth.


Criteria for the Future 

Global environmental, economic and social strategies will help humans to create a better life in the Here and Now. Education of all humans will be a priority. The compassion of humans will bring about a cosmic shape – it will be unconditional. Humans will understand that they are only as strong  as their weakest ones and therefore will do their utmost to strengthen humanity as a whole. The awareness of their connection with All-That-Is will lead the humans of Outer Earth to develop sustainable energy resources and to give up risky technologies. A huge change of thinking is taking place amongst humans from a profit-oriented society towards a humanitarian cohabitation on Earth. It is the unity of diversity which brings you abundance and peace. It is the return of humans to their star self, into the paradise you are creating now. Love and compassion will dissolve the base for energies of egocentrism and make old claims for power collapsing. Adhere to your power and change Earth into paradise. Forward into light is our mutual motto and the criterion of our future.



Diverging Energies 

Now, all terrestrial energies need a vibrational resonance which is compatible with high cosmic waves in order to accompany Earth in her ascension. A natural selection is taking place on Earth now. Deviating energies will miss the connection to the high level of existence. The vibrational heaviness of the third- and fourth dimension is dissolving. The more light particles you are integrating into your body and your psyche, the more you will be aware of this transition into a new age. This makes you energetically selective. The energies which are not adapting to the high five-dimensional vibrations will be dissolved or transformed. Earth and her inhabitants walk the path to light freely with a harmonized polarity. Excesses of all sorts are dissolving. Calmness and serenity will take hold of humans and give them the time to deal with their own issues and to evolve spiritually. Each human feels the connection with his or her star self and knows exactly what is good for him or her. A strong connection to Earth brings stability for every human being in these fast changing times. Terrestrial cycles are very long and have their own paradigms. Their research can help future generations with their well-being. Earth will keep her place in cosmos. It is the humans who can forfeit their right of residence on Earth. These high energies will help you to adjust your body and your psyche. This will be the start of an integrated healing process. Disease prevention will become more and more the center of attention. Through extensive research, genetic illnesses can be healed too. Humans will be understood in their integrated wholeness. Symptoms are not just covered up anymore. There will be many scientific breakthroughs. Mutual heart energy will connect humans and encourage humanitarian, cultural and economic exchange. The exchange of scientific and technological insights will become normal, because the whole has priority and not personal or national interests.



Acceptance of the Inevitable 

On the soul level every human knows what he or she got into with this incarnation. It was every human's free will to be part of this dimensional shift into a higher octave of existence, may that be on this or the other side of the veil. Know, that the humans who die and are facing dramatic events, go back home and support Earth and humans from this dimension. They are freed and they are well. This may give you comfort in your grief. Humans are immortal. With their death, humans only free themselves from their bodies. Hearts of humans are touched and opened when faced with dramatic events on a global scale. Connectedness and love is opening the hearts of the population of Outer Earth. In the end, all human societies will have to adjust to the new energies if they want to survive the rebirth in a higher level of existence. Young humans already carry fifth-dimensional seeds. They will make sure that societies adjust. On the soul level a lot of old souls take part in this dimensional shift. The earth age of a human is going to be relativized. Souls belonging to one family will come together in full consciousness. Your soul kinship begins to manifest. Your body is your connection between Mother Earth and Heaven, a divine creation. Each body has its own needs that is worth to explore. Your body is your way to manifest on Earth. We all are divine sparks on mission on Earth. Your body is the vessel of your soul, your spirit. Let it shine through it.



Five-Dimensional Vibration Levels 

Through cosmic emanations of our sun the acceleration of energy is now much faster than before. The winter solstice of 2012 stands for the beginning of a new level of existence. The vibration will continue to accelerate until around 2025 and then stabilize at this high level. After that, vibrations will accelerate moderately, evolution always goes alongside the progress of vibrational amplitude. The next years and decades therefore are shaped by changes and challenges and the integration of this energy in Earth and her humans. It is this a profound process which will etherealize all matter. Humans are mutating with their living bodies into a higher octave of existence. Humans have to learn how to handle etherealized matter as well as huge social, political, economic and religious changes. Humanity is faced with a global rebuilding after earthquakes. Affected areas will gain global sympathy and collaboration. This will catapult humans out of their territorial concerns and bring them a global perspective. Diverse civilizations and traditions will come together and open the hearts of humans with a wave of compassion. Flexibility and awareness are essential to face the challenges of these times. The fifth-dimensional level is the step into the higher dimension. Anchored with your legs on Terra you can explore infinite spaces and enrich Earth while doing so. You will realize that this is only possible with an awakened spirituality. Every religion will keep its rituals which are in terms with the love to All-That-Is and adjusted to a cosmic scale.

Etherealized matter reacts to your state of consciousness and can be influenced by the power of thoughts. An integrated approach to a cleansing of Mother Earth should be considered in order to purify her from diverse contamination. The fifth-dimensional level will no longer accept technologies which are harmful for humans and Earth. The cosmic light family knows of multidimensional technologies they will gladly share with the Earth family so they can succeed in freeing Terra from the waste of the Old Earth. A responsible society has to think over their actions and reactions and make respectful conclusions.



The Interplay of Worlds 

The cosmos and our universe is filled with billions of celestial bodies and their inhabitants. A huge conglomerate of energies from the lowest to the highest dimensions with different energy densities and the corresponding learning processes. After the deep fall into matter, the population of Outer Earth has been faced for aeons with a strong divergence of polarities, a third- and fourth-dimensional learning process. This process is now coming to an end and is taken over by five-dimensional impressions. We from Agartha have also evolved in the fifth-dimensional vibrational density and finished this learning process. We kept the five-dimensional quality for you and can support you in this dimensional transition. In these long times of separation we were always connected with you and know your destined path. We are proud of you that you maintained divine light and love also in dark times and that you can follow Earth into the higher octave of existence. Our arms are widely open and we so much look forward to embracing you once again. We all step into the illusion of matter, model it and go back to our divine source – into the All-Love. We all, residents of cosmic worlds, are divine lovers in action, the expression of our source. We are all forever connected with each other in this love. The revolution or rebirth is taking place within every single human, the according living structures then just have to be adapted. A population that vibrates in a five-dimensional realm will progress fast as they have multidimensional tools at their use. Terrestrial borders will be easy to overcome, the contact with our cosmic family is just the natural consequence. The new multidimensional understanding will include our existence and encourage future contacts. Populations of Inner and Outer Earth will heal Terra from the waste of Old Earth and make her a Garden of Eden again.