Help for Ascension into the 5th Dimension

Messages from Sirius A

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Earth and her humans are about to complete a dimensional change. This is why the time in which we are now living on Earth is rich in transformation. The Sirians want to help us humans during this important time of transition. We are equal space siblings. With their brief statements, they aim to specifically reach people who do not have the time to deal more intensely with the subject of dimensional change. These are instructions for a time of pervasive changes.

We all contribute in the Light of the ONE. We are all connected to each other. Love will keep us together forever.




Introduction of the Sirians. They helped build the Lemurian and Egyptian cultures. They are a community of light and they wish to assist humanity in this important transition, because we are all equal cosmic siblings.



We are about to experience an ascension into a higher dimension. Thus there are currently many transformations taking place on Earth.

There is a preview of different points which will be covered later in the book.


Mother Earth

Earth was a playground and a place to experiment for different beings of the universe. Earth is healing its wounds. 


Crystal Children

A new race will live on Earth. They already possess the abilities needed for the shift into a higher dimension.



Pets can show us the processes of transformations. They love us unconditionally.


Like-Minded People

Interactions with people vibrating at the same level are very important, because  its helps us through this difficult time. 



The Sirians are lion-people. They know Earth and love our planet. It is a special planet to them. 


Cosmic Siblings

People from other star systems are now incarnated on Earth. Humans will begin to remember their roots. 



Earth is in need of more water in order to better deal with the actual transformation. The sun's energy is the information that will allow us to evolve.



Currently humans are in the process of learning that there are paranormal abilities they have to integrate.



A lot of ancient Lemurians are now incarnated. They help Earth and humanity in their vibrational shift. 


Energy Waves

Our body has to integrate the accelerating vibration of energy. This energy is a tool for the shift. 


The Fifth Dimension

A new age begins. We are co-creators of this new reality.



Our double helix DNA will be enhanced to a 12-strand structure. We are going to be multidimensional beings. 


Contact with the inner voice

The contact with our inner voice will help us to overcome old burdens, fight our inner turmoil and be finally free of it.



We need a balance between the male and female principle. It is very important that women are respected in all societies.


The Glorious Path of Heroes

Every human has its own individual path. To discover this is the challenge of our time and something we all have to learn. That’s why social norms will no longer be accepted. This accelerating vibration of energy will cause changes in our consciousness, but it also will have a rejuvenating effect. 


Future Energy

Love is the thread which goes through all life. Love is the quintessence of our life, because it's the energy which holds everything together on Earth and in the universe. Love will be an energy source in the 5th Dimension.



We have to take responsibility for our thoughts and feelings. 


Evolution of Earth

We will realise that Earth is involved in a long evolutionary process. Human evolution can only be done together with our planet.


Process of Ascension

The ascension of Earth can be compared with the opening of a bud turning into a flower. We have to take responsibility for our part in the co-creation.


Values of the Hearth

It is only possible to enter a higher vibrational octave with a loving heart. The shift is within ourselves. It's a transformation of our inner self. 


Library of Earth

Earth itself will open its library in order to help humanity. The mist surrounding us will be more and more transparent. Our sensitivity will be enhanced. 



Earth will be surrounded by a wave of compassion. Religious and social barriers will vanish. We will understand each other as one human family. 


Energy Surge

At the end of the ascension process there will be a surge of energy. Every human will have to restructure its life. It will be a liberation.


Inner and Outer Turmoil

Our explanations are a guideline in a time of big changes.


Sudden Inspirations

Our innermost thoughts will guide and help us in order to react more holistically.


Galactic Family

It is like embracing a long lost family member.


Earth is a Paradise

The radiance of Earth will amplify. Earth will metamorphose into a jewel as well as its inhabitants.


Path of individuation

It is a time of inner and outer purification. Social structures will change according to the new type of human.



Our current life is the culmination of our incarnations. All those past experiences can be used now.


Enter Silence

We cannot always act in the outside, but have to regenerate in the inside.



Love is the essence in our life and of humanity as a whole. The shift into the 5th dimension will be done in love.


Solar System

Our whole solar system will enter a higher vibrational octave.



We can encounter the coming headwind from the old energies by turning to our inner self and making contact with Mother Earth. 


Evolutionary Shift

The ascension of Earth will be an evolutionary shift for the whole universe.



We are specialists of a three- and four-dimensional, strongly polar vibration density. Now we are ready to shift into the 5th dimension.


Extra-Terrestrial Collaboration

There will be remarkable improvements in space travel. Our cosmic siblings will support us in this task, because it is important for Earth to overcome her isolation.


Essence of Life

The cadence of global change will accelerate.


Massive Change

Red dots will be a sign of a massive change in the earth itself. A lot of humans will leave the planet. Waves of compassion will embrace Earth. 


Time for the Essential Things

Things we thought once to be impossible will suddenly happen and leave us in astonishment.


Implementation of Visions

In the process of ascension it will be very important to be creative. It will show us solutions for our problems. 


Resting Breaks

To pause for a moment will be very important. It will help humans centre themselves. 



The energy wave will lead us back to ourselves. To what we have always been. 


Earth's Crust

Different field energies will lead to different behaviours and symptoms. It is recommended  to find a positive place which supports us in the shift. If that is not possible, we need more tranquillity and silence in order to gain our balance. 


Changes of the Body

Our DNA will enhance and influence our physique and psyche. Our bodies will be less dense and more receptive.


Passing Away

Every soul chooses what to learn in life on Earth and how to pass away.



We will have more options and this will be a great challenge.


New Technologies

New space travel technologies will be taught and travel times on Earth will be reduced. 


Testing Phase

With the acceleration of energies, negative energies will be ejected. It is a process of healing on every level. 



We will stay deeply rooted with what we call home, even when great geophysical changes occur.



We can only resolve problems by ourselves. People need to deal with their fears and sorrows. Only if they are able to transform their fears and sorrows, they can take responsibility for co-creation. Solitude will be our refuge.


Inner Balance

In order to find our inner balance over and over, we have to ride on this energy waves like a surfer.



The changes we will go through during the next years will guide Earth into an era of light. It is the liberation of our old self. 


Multidimensional Beings

We are not small and limited beings, but wonderful multidimensional beings with unlimited possibilities. 


Religion and Esoterism

Religions and esoterism can help us in this final stage. However, the ascension can only be done by ourselves. No external authority will be able to help. We have to ascend alone.


New Responsibility

Our consciousness will develop very fast. New clarity will help us to take responsibility for ourselves.


Changing Structures

Humanity as a whole is affected. Encrustation will begin to dissolve in order to make space for more environmentally compatible circumstances. 


Relativity of Time

It is very difficult to make predictions, because we are in a different time continuum. 


The Path

The energy shift is like a tailwind to help us to make our path less tiring.


In Your Centre

Try to consolidate your thoughts in the here and now. Try to make contact with Earth and find your inner centre. Every human should learn to mobilize its inner powers. 


Earth - Terra – Gaia

We are in a symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth. Everything can only be done with her and not against her.


The Battle of Polarities

Dark forces will fight until the bitter end. But the Dark can not exist where Light is. Every human is responsible for its light.


Treasure Hunt

We will progress to our inner core, to the binding of our soul. 


December 2012

On this date, Earth had the necessary amplitude for the shift. The transition  passed fluently. 



The reason for gaining an enhanced consciousness for all humans on Earth is the orbit of our solar system around our central sun.


Balancing the Male and Female Principles

Women, but also men who integrated their female side, will act as midwives of the rebirth of Earth and her inhabitants.


A New Cycle

The Aquarius age marks the beginning of a new cycle. Evolution is a spiralling process. This explains why the energy will enhance.


The Heart

Love is a law of nature. The heart will be our most important organ. We will continue on the heart level.


Rebirth of Earth

The rebirth of Earth is similar to a human birth. Pay attention to moon cycles and the movements of the Earth. You will find a rhythm in it.