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Yo, Ashtar Sheran, he estado estrechamente conectado con el cosmos, en el amor, desde el principio. Mi tarea es dar a la Luz su lugar, guiar y apoyar a la Tierra y a su gente, en este ascenso hacia la Quinta Dimensión. La humanidad está lista para dar este salto evolutivo y asumir la responsabilidad de su futuro. Todos estamos conectados en el UNO y damos la bienvenida a los residentes de la Tierra a la familia galáctica.


A través de este libro me gustaría proporcionar información que os ayudará a dejar atrás vuestra existencia insular y poneros en contacto con vuestros hermanos y hermanas de las estrellas. ¡Romped vuestros límites y abrazad vuestra herencia multidimensional! Todos estamos conectados y entrelazados entre sí y juntos creamos el Nuevo Cielo y la Nueva Tierra. Vuestra naturaleza divina entrará en el átomo más pequeño y os hará más fuertes de nuevo.



El amor es la quintaesencia de toda la creación. ¡Sin el amor, el cosmos se disolvería!



The consciousness of mankind has now reached the amplitude where we are ready to learn more about space. The reason why this book has been written is to provide information that will help us to cope with such news. Ashtar presents us with a few of our galactic neighbors: Aldebaran, Pleiades, Reticuli, Spica, Riegel, Lyra.

It is as if - metaphorically speaking – we were standing on a dark stage. All of a sudden the curtains go up, the lights go on and we are face to face with a large and diversified audience. We will be confronted with new paradigms in almost every area and a great relearning will begin. Times of unfolding experiences are approaching mankind.



The earth will change its “face” and adjust to the fifth dimensional energy. Mankind will undergo great restructuring and its growth of consciousness will take a quantum leap. The release of our limitations will fulfill wishes and ideas which are beyond our thought processes today. We are ready now to further develop ourselves. The earth and its habitants have “come of age” so to speak. The earth’s alignment, full of light, will no longer allow the presence of evil.


The Council of the Solar System

We will be part of this Council and co-create our solar systems.  Communication is the basic element of this alliance. It happens through the resonance of the heart with highly spiritual masters from their respective planets. The effort of each human being will make the mastery of the whole planet possible.


The Council of the Galaxy

It is a hierarchy of responsibility and has nothing to do with power as we know it. The council takes care of the evolutionary plan of our galaxy. It gives the whole system the light impulse with the respective transformations that belong to the evolutionary plan of the galaxy and its different habitants. 

The council is the keeper of the threshold and the prevalent laws in this galaxy. Each galaxy has its own sound and color quality: A very specific frequency. All the different galaxies connect to a sound harmony which permeates the whole universe, penetrating the deepest matter and substance. This is the driving force, the engine of the whole universe. Love is the quintessence of the whole creation. It holds the microcosm and macrocosm together. The earth will be revolutionized by this energy. The quality of love is also part of the evolution. The higher the soul parts are integrated in a being, the higher is their love energy. Without love  the universe would disintegrate. Light and love are the building blocks of the universe. The unfolding of our DNA will simplify and clarify more complex topics for mankind and give way to great creativity. Cooperation will be the basis of a new era. Light will prevail and illuminate the darkest corners of earth.



Where Do We Come From – Where Are We Going? 

In our DNA all the experiences of countless human lifetimes here on earth and in space are stored:  Our entire personal library, our wealth of experiences and our potential. With the new octave resonance, our DNA will be able to unfold and allow access to our potential. We will become the multidimensional beings we always have been. The veil that kept us at distance from what we are, will be lifted gradually. The history of earth will get a new perspective.


The Interaction of the Solar System and Earth

The Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth works together with the Council of the Solar System. Their work is true unconditional love paired with great compassion for mankind. This cooperation gives this unique vibration or harmony that the solar system holds. The Council of the Solar System focuses also on the conditions of the galactic zone. The emanations of the sun are a big part of the communication within the solar system. This is why each planet of the solar system is exposed to the increase of vibration. Our sun is nourished by our Central Sun and the latter, on the other hand, is nourished by the galactic Center. It is a chain reaction of information to the deepest regions of the galaxy. The earth and its habitants will achieve solar mastery. Planet Earth is now ready to take this evolutionary leap and to assume responsibility for its future. The entire cosmos with all its universes is about to take a quantum leap, resonating deeply into each solar system. The expansion of the cosmos can be compared to our breath. It is the divine breath that energizes everything.



Multi-Layered Cosmos 

The cosmos integrates all dimensions: Even those unknown to us, because they are ethereal. Such etherial stars have their own orbit in the universe. They are the keepers and helpers in the cosmos energizing the energy weak regions and boosting the evolutionary spiral. All stars and systems circle around a center – the base of evolution. This most divine of all centers is love itself. The 3rd and 4th dimension are characterized with separation and disconnection from our divine origin. In the 5th dimension we will be aware of our origin and not search for God on the outside; instead we will comprehend that we are part of this divinity. The balancing of the polarities will take less energy from mankind – energy that we will use to redesign our lives.



Different Ways of Interstellar Communication 

The way cells communicate with each other, so do star constellations in the universe. Many different learning issues are connected with the stars and planets and they change when these go to a higher dimension. Planet Earth graduates from kindergarten, school and college to “adulthood”, with the corresponding responsibilities. The weight of old pattern will have to be transformed in order not to hold you down when ascending. Cosmic interstellar communication is an energy transfer from one star constellation and planet to another. These are pulsations similar to the ones coming from our heart. They are frequencies and resonances, either indicating harmony or dissonance. The quality of a planet can thus be assessed by spaceships and help can be given.



Interstellar Cooperation 

The emanation from star/planet to star/planet is an inter-dimensional exchange, an energetic collaboration. A multidimensional net shows the way for space travel.  Hardly any of our own energy is necessary to travel in galactic space. The space is not only populated by beings of light, there is also a defense system to maintain the light in the event of unwelcome visitors and/or to keep the gravitational fields open.



The Galaxy 

The galaxy is a multidimensional being and at its center is a maternal nourishing energy. From this center the whole galaxy obtains the quality of information through gravitation with which everything is connected. All galaxies circle around the universal center – the center of our creation, of the God or the Goddess of Creation. It is the source of the quality of love. The galaxy is divided in different sectors where different learning processes can be experienced, depending on their position to the galactic center. These learning processes contribute to the growth of the soul. It is their contribution to the ONE, to the WHOLE. Our universe is a collective achievement of all living beings of all dimensions. We all are divine attributes in action. The middle of the center is comparable with the eye of a hurricane, the complete emptiness and stillness from which everything is born. It is THE creative force of the galaxy, nourishing everything. The Milky Way consists of the quality of the known compassion for the whole creation.



The Milky Way’s Contact with the Other Galaxies of the Universe 

The impulses of the universal center nurture the different galaxies with divine love energy. Each galaxy represents an aspect of this energy and refines it. Through this, harmony emerges in our universe. A sound that resonates through the whole creation. The connection among the galaxies occurs through this high frequency sound. 


What is Communication? 

Communication is energy exchange. Information is energy. The emanations of the sun are a type of communication in space. The star siblings communicate with each other in a telepathic way – namely from the center of the heart to the center of the heart.  It is an interaction of love. Communication between planets occurs in an energetic way. All sorts of communication will connect us and integrate us in space. The earth uses the earth ascension changes in order to communicate with us.



Earth and Her Satellite 

The earth in her diversity does not correspond to the usual cosmic model. The ascension of the earth to the 5th dimension will make it more attractive. The earth and her satellite, the moon, are a symbiotic community. The moon gives the earth stability on its orbit around the sun. They form a unity. The moon is the keeper of the earth, its shield of protection. It is the entrance gate to earth, a type of an intermediate station for our star sisters and brothers. It will be THE platform for our future space travel. 



Contact with the Star Siblings 

Humanity will leave its isolated existence and advance deeper into space. A cosmic exchange with the light bearers will occur. This exchange will only take place when the partners are “compatible” with their consciousness. We are love in motion. We are the divine manifestation of creation. Love will eliminate the misery and suffering on earth and instill justice.



Stellar Communication or the Coherence of the Stellar Constellations 

The whole creation is being nurtured by one center – down to each atom. We are all connected as ONE. Our God of Creation/our Goddess of Creation is present in everything, eternally. The sound of creation accompanies us and resonates in all substances. It is the vibration of our heavenly homeland, our re-connection to our origin. This is communication penetrating everything and keeping all together.


The Depth of the Universe

Our universe is ruled by facets of love, called compassion. It is the learning process for all beings – to the highest perfection. In our sector it is about the known compassion, to help each other in family, group or team. The new era will bring together the spiritual and material world. The pictograms emerging in our fields show that cosmic civilizations have made contact with us for a long time.

We should not comprehend them linearly, but with our heart and emotionally and put them in the context of the picture, because our neighbors come from holistic societies. Mankind will develop into cosmic beings. The scars in our heart are now being transformed, because our evolution will occur on our heart level.



Human Consciousness as Part of the Greater Whole 

The human consciousness will make a quantum leap during the upcoming years. A great change in the thought process will take place: A quantum leap from outside inwards. 

The evolutionary goal of a being is the development of its consciousness. With integration working on our divine self, our consciousness develops and heightens the vibrations in our body, in so doing we can store more light in our cells.

Changes are a constant in our life. Parts of our self will “re-marry” us and lead us to wholeness. We have to take care of our thoughts because they will manifest themselves much faster.




New worlds of consciousness will now be revealed and we have to learn to deal with them. The well-being of the earth and humanity will be of the utmost urgency. This process will bring people together and make them global beings. As our DNA develops, so will our consciousness. Welcome to the multidimensional space, our home. The separation is of the past. We are all ONE.



The Cosmic Expanse 

We all rest in ONE.  We are all the ONE. Separation is only a question of consciousness. The love energy is the divine connection holding all the universes together, making us star sisters and brothers and bringing us together in the divine creation. We are walking temples of our divine selves.



UFOs and Mother Ships 

A mother ship is an agglomeration of energy. It is an anchor and harbor for space travelers. The big ships of light are patrolling in the universe and their crew helps civilizations on their way to the light. They work closely together with our spiritual hierarchy, angels and archangels. The course of the big ships transforms the region they are travelling with their emanation of light. 


Period of Growth

Now, our growth process will intensify. Our true Self will emerge from old patterns to be born into a new dimension of plenty. The time of the gurus is over, because everybody assumes responsibility for themselves. The more consciously we live our lives, the less painful will our growth processes be.



Thought-Provoking Impulses 

They will contribute to a reshaping of life patterns. The more centered and empty a human being is, the better he/she can receive those thought impulses and transform them.


Of the Waves of Cosmic Energy 

The cosmos is filled with energy. This energy holds everything together and creates the vibration of the universe. It is the love energy of our Creator, our Source. It is free energy that can be used by humans. Ashtar Sheran belongs to the original matrix of the universe, the love energy holding everything together. 



Destruction and Malicious Destruction 

The evolution of earth and of men cannot be stopped by individuals exercising power. Observe the signs of earth. Our planet has to integrate the high energy. Geological changes can be the consequence.



With Flying Colours to Modern Times 

Ascension of superlatives is penetrating, regenerating and refining all matter. We enter into the Golden Age.


Heart Energy

The heart energy or frequency is based on the joining of our reason and our emotions. It is the energy of the future. It leads mankind more and more to itself. It is a time of a vast cleansing through our psyche and cells. Our bodies will become more ethereal. A spiritualization of matter will initiate. Everything lies within ourselves.



Living with the Changes 

The changes on earth have cosmic consequences, because we are all connected with each other. Flexibility and stability will now be claimed from all of us in this transitional phase. It is a time of chaos and creativity. Only in the present can we regain our total strength and obtain motivation for the future. Alignment of the polarities will liberate a great deal of energy in favor of mankind and the earth.



The Connection to All-That-Is 

The higher the vibrations, the more transparent your view of the world and your responsibilities towards everything will be. Discrimination, oppression and repression will be things of the past. Every human being has its own calling and can only walk its own journey. Since all is connected with everything, everyone has great responsibility for All-That-Is.



The Connection between the Heavens and Earth 

It is the conscious cosmic reunion of incarnated souls. There simultaneously exist different dimensions and reality levels on earth. The union of cosmic energy with our personal energy will change us into another being. Love connects All-That-Is. Without love the universe would collapse.


The Essentials

There are no victims and no perpetrators - only learning processes that have to be mastered. We define the quality of this transitional period. If we surround ourselves with joy, the integration of the higher vibrations gets easier. Joy is essential in this transitional process. You were born out of love and to live this love of the ONE.


Wishes for the Future

Cosmic vibration does the ground work and lead humanity back to their original ethereal being. The earth will get into balance, thus supporting mankind.